I am at a complete loss as to what to write today.

Have you ever spent some time with someone, but not gotten to know them as much as you wish you could, and so you take the traits of a real or fictional person who has similar qualities, and transpose them onto the first person?

…I doubt that made any sense, and if it did, I’m probably the only one who would do it. I think I’ll move on.


  • Good books still unread
  • Friends who look past a myriad of faults
  • Years of happy times ahead, God willing (“It’s only a person of weak character who chooses to always be unhappy”)
  • Beautiful chords that I’d never played until today, thanks to piano lessons
  • Prose that isn’t precocious or ridiculous, just beautiful
  • The anti-shadow of headlight beams before a car appears
  • Washing/drying dishes at night to jazz
  • Doughnuts this morning…emphasis on the plurality of that word, haha
  • …piano solos by Stacey Kent’s piano player
  • Smiling even when you don’t want to…because it actually does make you feel better
  • The knowledge that I’ll see Hannah tomorrow!! YAY!
  • God is smarter, wiser, and infinitely more good than I