EDIT: [I was talking to Hannah about this post, and she was so confused as to why it was such a great day…and to be honest, I can’t explain it! So I guess this post is mostly for my own fading memories — for whatever reason I have happiness associated to this day, and it’s nice to look back on it. :) ]

I don’t know how much I talked about my Wednesday in Marantha last month (to the – stormy – day), but…it was probably my favorite day.

It was wonderful.

We woke up early for practice, and shuffled silently through the mist to the Tabernacle. Since it was severely early (ok, 6:55), we girls (Vienna, Cami and I) were in our pajamas, with little to no makeup on. Collin and Alex had beat us there, and were stretched out on the stage step and a pew, respectively. One of them (I think it was Collin) was wrapped in a yellow blanket with a soccer ball pattern.

No one really said a whole lot…we were just waiting for Josh, who was leading the worship that night, to arrive. Collin muttered from the step, voice slightly muffled from under his hoodie, “I bet you anything he’s still asleep.”

To make a long story short, he was. In his defense, Josh and his phone had been thrown in the pool the night before, and the phone didn’t recover as well as he’d hoped, so his alarm didn’t go off.

We plodded our way through the practice, morning voices and all. Everyone was happy, though, in a groggy sort of way. Though I didn’t know half of the songs we would sing/play that night, I really began to love them. The theme of the night would be Jesus’ blood and sacrifice — we sang Jesus Messiah, Jesus’ Blood, Jesus Paid it All, and at the end, The Stand.

“Oh no,” Cami groaned as we wrapped up and headed toward the doors. “It’s pouring now.” We all looked in different directions out the screened windows and doors.

“You know what, I’m just going to go back to sleep.” Vienna said, and Josh agreed.

“I think I’m going to go get breakfast first.” Cami said, and looked at me. “You want to come?”

I nodded and we steeled ourselves for the run to the dining hall.

“Okay, ready?” Alex asked.

We all grinned at each other, and Collin shouted “GO!”

Cami and I fell behind the boys, screaming every once in awhile when we stepped in an unforeseen puddle.

Collin opened the door for us with a flourish, and we stepped into the air-conditioned building, shivering.

Cami got back to the table first, and Alex and Collin swiftly sat on either side. I grinned at her as she cast bemused and slightly concerned glance at each of them in succession.

“So, Cami.” Collin began. “How about once we get back to Lebanon you cuddle with Alex and I and take a nap.”

Cami stared at him, disgusted, and then she and I exchanged amused looks. “No.” She said firmly.

“Oh c’mon.” said Alex, sipping his coffee with a distinguished air. “You know you want to.”

“Yeah. Your words say no, but your body language says yes.” Collin adds, one eyebrow raised.

Cami is utterly disgusted, but still laughing. “Collin, you’re 17! I’m seven years older than you. It would be illegal for me to date you.

I can tell that both Alex and Collin are loving how uncomfortable they’re making Cami, so they carry on. “So what you’re saying is you’ll wait for me!” Collin looks delighted.

“Oh that’s so sweet!” Alex exclaims, mock seriously.

“No!” Cami laughs, eyes screwed shut, mouth both frowning in disbelief and smiling at the corners from the absurdity.

When breakfast was over, we raced back to Lebanon. Though we all said we would go right to sleep, a couple people decided to watch Two Towers, and no one else wanted to miss it (we are such nerds, haha). I grabbed my blanket and pillow, and we each picked spots to watch. We snuggled (SEPARATELY, haha) on the couches and beanbag chairs.

About half-way through, Gary came in. “You guys are watching Two Towers without me?!” This was a running joke, since there was always at least one person, it seemed, who wasn’t there when we watched either LotR or LOST.

“Sorry,” several of us mumbled, not paying him too much attention. He grabbed whatever he’d needed from his room, and went back to attend to his Teen duties.

I was horizontal on the couch, and at some point I drifted off. I woke up when one of the battles started, however.

“Oh, look, she’s awake again!” Josh said a few minutes after I’d refocused on the movie.

“Oh, you noticed that…” I said, hoping I hadn’t been snoring or something. I wasn’t brave enough to ask if I had, though.

When we finished the first disc of the extended edition (yes, yes, nerds), no one moved to put the next DVD in. It was quiet for a minute, sounds of the rain drifting in from the open windows.

“Nap time!” Collin said, breaking the silence.

Everyone happily agreed.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was. It was…perfect. A cool breeze, a warm blanket, rain lulling you to sleep.

About an hour later I woke up to Jarod coming in. “Whoa.” he said, and my eyes slowly opened. “Is it nap time in here?”

“Yeah,” Gary replied from the wall behind the couch I sat on, clacking away on his laptop. “I came in awhile ago and they were all knocked out. It’s the music staff, and they all had to wake up early because of Women’s Breakaway.”

“Gotcha.” Jarod said.

Everyone slowly sat up and looked around. I sat up, yawning, and noticed the sun had come out.

“You know, there’s a whole bunch of box lunches leftover, and they’re going to go bad. They need someone to eat them, so if you guys just go pick some up, you can have ’em.”

To our delight, a younger guy, I can’t remember his name, went with Alex (or maybe Collin…or both? I can’t remember) and picked up the lunches for us. We basically stuffed ourselves.

“This has been the perfect rainy day.” Cami said, summing the morning up perfectly from the beanbag behind me. “I feel so lazy, but it’s wonderful.”


The rest of the day was awesome, too. While half of the group went on a ride in a small airplane, I had my devotion on the beach. The night of worship was just wonderful, and the message was the sketchy pastor’s best. We had a devotion that night, led by Charly, and ended the night perfectly with LOST.

It was so wonderful.

…I miss all of them so much.