November 2008

That’s right! It’s official! On November 29, 2008 at 3:34 AM I stand (or actually lay…in bed) before you A NOVELIST!
Promise I won’t bug you with any more NaNoWriMo junk anymore…until next year ;]
AHhhhhh success is SWEET.
But I gotta admit…sleep sounds even sweeter right now…

There are these brilliant primal animals that NaNoWriMo employs. They are aptly called “The Guilt Monkeys”.

As soon as you start your first words of NaNoWriMo, these devilish beasts are sent to your house. The package looks innocent enough – standard brown paper wrapping, couple of air holes. You excitedly open the package up, hoping for the entire collection of The Office DVD’s, or maybe that dehydrator you ordered three weeks ago. But no. After the first slice of the box, a sizable group of guilt monkeys leap on your back, whispering demonic self-condemning truths about your pitiful word count.

The guilt monkeys do not care about your eating, sleeping, or socializing needs. They do not care that your laptop is overheating and burning a bar code into your legs. They care only about the little blue bar on your personal NaNo page, and will not stop injecting their venomous guilt into your soul until that little blue bar has turned purple.

Be careful not to assume that just because you’ve said you’ve given up in the middle of week two, that the guilt monkeys will leave you behind in search of other prey! No, they will tickle your ears with their tales of shame and ridicule lavished upon you by all the people you bragged to about writing a novel in a month. Stopping at 16,000 words? Unacceptable.

And when you’ve slaved hours over the computer for your 5,000 catch up words, they will send you into misery with the siren song of “Think how lovely and even the count will look at 25,000 words!”

But, in the end, the guilt monkeys, however harsh they may be, have good intentions. And if my monkeys continue on as they have been, I will glide past these last 10,000 words into success.


And if I fail…keep me away from any sharp objects. The shame may drive me to do something I wouldn’t live long enough to regret.



But seriously. Enough with the guilt already!! I’m shriveling here!


PS…I know pretty much no one reads my blog (Besides the soon to be famous and already beautiful Melody) but if you happened to stumble across my blog…go read this guy’s blog. He’s hilarious. And spiritually encouraging, which is an awesome combination :]

PPS. It’s just one click away…no effort at all…you won’t regret it!

PPPS I think it’s kind of pitiful that I spent more effort on this post than I spent on my novel. Or getting life-sustaining sleep.

*Sigh* four more days…

Yay for you – you won’t have to hear about it any more, but SCARY for me, because I have five days to write 21,000 words. I’m pretty sure that’s not what was supposed to happen.


Yay for sarcasm.

If I write 1,000 more words tonight like I’m planning, though, I’ll have written…I think it’s 7,000 words today. So if I keep going like I did today, I’ll be fine.

I am REALLY determined to win this.

My novel really is starting to shape up, and there’s a lot more depth that I originally thought there would be – but it’s also full of absolute crud at some places. Lol. For example, this is the sentence I’m least proud of:

There were two other keys on the key ring that held the key for the SUV.

And I promise I will change that when I’m revising…if I ever revise…if I can ever bring myself to read this monster which I have brought forth.


Anyways. Just to keep you posted


I think I’m in love….

with Taylor Swift.

Oh my goodness.

Sorry for wasting your time with this pointless post, but just want you to drop what you’re doing and go buy “Fearless” :] You shall love it.


I’ve grown a lot since I first got an email address. :]

Let’s go through the phases, shall we?

First, there was me getting an email address. I was 13 at the time, so it was pretty pointless, really. I don’t think any of my friends, really, I’d just get the occasional forward from my mom. HAH! Those were the days.

Then I graduated to…MySpace, I think it was. Bad days…bad days…don’t think I really had any friends on there, either! Wow…this is turning really pitiful…

After MySpace there was Xanga. Oh the good ole days! I think I really spent more time changing my profile thing than I did actually reading and commenting. The only thing I miss about Xanga is how it was focused around blog posts – I miss that. But hey – I have this now ;]

Then finally there’s Facebook…and it has sucked my life away one click at a time. MySpace and Xanga could be time consuming, but Facebook…oh Facebook. It’s got it all. Photos, videos, music, games, POKING, applications, random and pointless quizzes PLUS notes. Oh and link sharing…and bumper stickers…and flair…oh my lands (Mel, we don’t say that much anymore! hah!) it’s easy to waste time on Facebook. And everyone who is on Facebook agrees! It’s not just me!! Right? Right??


I’m not a huge fan of the series. I really liked the first book (which I read right before the 4th came out) and was excited about it – but then I began hearing negative reviews about the last…and my love for it fizzled out.

I read parts of Breaking Dawn (the last book) and immediately saw why there were negative reviews. It’s just ridiculous. And tbh, even the first one was pretty…cheesy. I’ll probably see the movie eventually, but I’m afraid I’ll be laughing at the patheticly mushy lines that are sure to be spread liberally around.

Ah well. But I did really enjoy reading the book. I think I’ll just let the first be a stand alone book…not a series :]


Last night I couldn’t fall asleep. How many posts have I started out like that?!

Anyways, I was thinking about how, this being my senior year, I’ll be gone from everyone next year. The more I seriously thought about it, the more panicked I became.

No more inside jokes with Jess and Mel. No more coffee with Hannah or Audrianna. No more cruel (but meaningless…) teasing from Stephen, Darrell, Jake, and Cameron. Fewer conversations with Luke. No more choir or orchestra with Mr. Saylor. No more moments of random hilarity from Kaylin. No more free time to just do anything – in my own room, with all of my own decorations, and all of my own stuff.

I guess I’m not so much panicked as I am anxious to pack as much as I can into the next six months. May 9th I’ll be done with high school forever. Not that I’m not glad to see it go, there’s been more than enough drama and hormones to last a lifetime. But still – it’s the last bit of my childhood slipping quickly away.

The only thing I am a bit worried about is where I’m going next. I finally do have quite a few ideas, but all of them involve moving. I have never lived anywhere but here. I’ve always been homeschooled, always gone to the same church, almost always had the same friends – I live in possibly the most sheltered environment possible.

I’m grateful for that.

But I’m also scared of how I’m going to do when set to stand on my own to feet.

Lord, help me relax about this…

(*obscure Odyssey quote*) :]


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